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Sooner Or Later

Blonde Ale

An easy-drinking Blonde Ale. Light bodied, with a kiss of malt flavor, mosaic hops and a pleasantly crisp finish. Fermented with an estery English Ale yeast which provides a wonderful peachiness too!

5.3% ABV

Super Oaked

Oak Barrel Aged Lager

We took a Helles-style Lager, and lagered it in American Oak Barrels in our cold room until we just couldn't wait any longer. The result has lots of cream soda-like flavors and just enough tannin structure to help dry it out further.

5.5% ABV

Call Me Bubbles

Hazy Petite Brut IPA

Made with unmalted wheat, oats, pilsner malt, and lots of fresh Nelson Sauvin hops from the 2018 crop that arrived the day we brewed together. The beer is bone dry (with no sugar leftover after fermentation), effervescent, and was brewed with neutral yeast to allow the Nelson Sauvin hops to jump right out of the glass and into your nostrils. Aroma/flavor is deliciously interesting with layers of perfumy jasmine, juicy nectarine, and fresh lychee.

5.6% ABV

Now Open Wednesdays

Hazy IPA

Brewed with old fashioned oats, dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic, and fermented with Vermont yeast, the flavor combination on this batch hits with layers of nectarine, orange zest and chamomile.

7.1% ABV

Lemon Shandy*


I know this sounds crazy, but we use real whole lemons to make our Lemon Shandy! No extracts or sodas. Zested, juiced and mixed with a touch of sugar, it’s served on ice for a tart treat to beat the heat!

3.0% ABV

Saison For Aubrey*


Unmalted wheat and pilsner malt make up the base with aged hops in the kettle. Fermented in stainless with a mixed culture saison yeast and then keg conditioned for 4 months. The result has lots of estery goodness, with nutmeg and ginger leading the charge. Light bodied, with a soft, lingering bitterness and a touch of acidity.

6.2% ABV

Belgian For Pale*

BC Hoppy Pale Ale w/Brett

Bottled back in November 2017, this beer gets its depth of flavor from the slow evolution of brettanomyces yeast over the course of months of warm aging. We can taste flavorful layers of leather and pipe tobacco, that play nicely with an orange marmalade kind of character. Highly carbonated, medium bodied with a dry, lingering finish.

6.3% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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