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  • Lavender Lemonade
    Hard Seltzer
    5.0% ABV - $12 / 4 Pack
  • Tenacious Tonic
    Gin & Tonic-Style Seltzer
    12.0% ABV - $14 / 4 Pack
  • Smooth Translation
    Cheeky-Style Kölsch
    4.6% ABV - $12 / 4 Pack
  • Buy the Peaks, Sell the Valley's
    Dark Czech-Style Lager
    4.5% ABV - $14 / 4 Pack
  • Hey, Everything's Fine
    Hoppy Pilsner w/ Mosaic & El Dorado
    5.7% ABV - $15 / 4 Pack
  • No Mistakes Never
    Hazy IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, & Nelson
    6.8% ABV - $18 / 4 Pack
  • Fun Sucks
    DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Strata & Mosaic
    8.9% ABV - $22 / 4 Pack
  • Cocohut
    IPA - Milkshake
    6.1% ABV - $20 / 4 Pack



Lavender Lemonade

Hard Seltzer

Lavender Lemonade // Sparkling Hard Seltzer We’ve got some Hard Lemonade for sale, ! And look at that color! That beautiful, natural color comes from the use of lots of lavender that Mitch spent like a million years making, with the biggest batch of lavender tea that I’ve ever seen! He then blended it in at perfection-like levels with our lemonade-style seltzer. Mitch has spent the last 8 months working on this little project, (not like all the time, but here and there) and we’re pretty pumped on the results! It drinks pretty balanced, with the acidity and sweetness hitting at just the right level, and then a soft tannic hit of dryness from the lavender. Enjoy straight out of the can, or pour over ice. Also legit with a dram of Old Tom Gin.

5.0% ABV

Tenacious Tonic

Gin & Tonic-Style Seltzer

A Gin & Tonic-style Hard Seltzer! A fun project that we’ve been working on in the background for the last few months. The goal was to make a Hard Seltzer that tastes just like a real Gin & Tonic. After so many side by side tests, tweaks, and endless drinking, we’re proud to present to you…Tenacious Tonic! Modeled after a stronger, contemporary-style G&T, we brought together juniper, quinine, lemon, lime, plenty of rose water, some cane sugar, and of course a few secrets (shhhhhhhhh), to deliver the right balance of sweetness, acidity, and bitterness to hit that drinking experience just right. We lovingly packaged it in 12oz cans, for you and your favorite pally to split. That’s right! There are 2 servings per can! Oh, and unless you normally drink a G&T neat, we highly recommend pouring it over ice! Now serving on draft at both spots

12.0% ABV

Smooth Translation

Cheeky-Style Kölsch

Our version of Kölsch uses German grown barley and hops, and a super clean German lager yeast to make this crusher. To finish it off, we did the unthinkable, and filtered this thing to excellent brightness and smoothness. Funny enough, it’s the first beer that we have ever filtered at Green Cheek! The result? Brilliantly clear, with a solid head of white foam to match. Lighter in body than our Helles, with a very clean and firm bitterness. The finish is drying and crisp, with drinkability maxed out to new heights. Very proud of this one.

4.6% ABV

Buy the Peaks, Sell the Valley's

Dark Czech-Style Lager

A Dark Czech-style Lager, 4.5% abv As the weather dips down a bit, we find ourselves reaching for something a lil darker. So we went with something sessionable, that has that undeniable moreish quality that leaves you asking for another. This one hits with fun layers of turbinado sugar, Assam black tea, and toasted walnut.

4.5% ABV

Hey, Everything's Fine

Hoppy Pilsner w/ Mosaic & El Dorado

5.7% ABV

Earth To Pally

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Citra, Galaxy, & Talus

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Citra, Galaxy, & Talus 5.8% ABV This one rips with juicy vibes of ripe cantaloupe and orange fruit stripe. The old fashioned oats lend a velvety body, with the higher carbonation level keeping drinkability in a rad spot. Super pale and fruit forward.

5.8% ABV

Member IPA?

West Coast IPA w/ Mosaic

Member when your beer was clear? Member when it was bitter? Member when you didn’t have to ask if it was West Coast or Hazy? This beer is that beer. All Canadian barley and dry hopped with 100% Mosaic. You member?

7.0% ABV

No Mistakes Never

Hazy IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, & Nelson

Hazy IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, & Nelson Some people like to sit on their cans of hazy ipa’s for about a month before they drink them, cause it helps get rid of the green hop bite that lingers in the finish. So for this batch, we lagered it in a stainless tank for 7 weeks, to help smooth it out, and we feel like we might really be on to something! Full bodied, and almost creamy, this one hits with juicy layers of kerns nectar mango, fresh lychee and upside down cake.

6.8% ABV

Fun Sucks

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Strata & Mosaic

A DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Strata & Mosaic, 8.9% abv Are we allowed to have fun yet? Well, we think so! So here's the thing thing you actually wanted. It's super pale in color, with a roller coaster ride of hoppy aroma and flavor, that hit's with layer of jelly bellies (the pear one), white airheads, and Oro Blanco juice.

8.9% ABV


IPA - Milkshake

Brewed with lots and lots of milk sugar to create a creamy, full bodied beer, hopped like crazy with Citra hops and then soaked on toasted coconut shreds, it's a Coconut Milkshake IPA!

6.1% ABV

Habitual Connoisseur

Foeder Aged Old School White Ale

Foeder Aged Old School White Ale 5.2% After 10 months in our Foeder, and 7 months naturally conditioning to develop funk and tiny bubbles, this mixed culture, non-spiced white ale is ready to drink! The oak brings in the vanilla, and oatmeal cookies, while the mixed culture brings out a fresh, aromatic orange character with just the smallest hit of acidity. Dry, quaffable, and so much fun to drink!

5.4% ABV

Michi After Dark*

For Those Who Know


3.1% ABV

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Loose Leaf Indian Black Tea



Pliny the Elder

IPA - Imperial / Double

A true leader in the hop-wars of the west coast, Pliny the Elder hits you over the head with hoppy bitterness and manages to smooth the rough edges out enough to become an enjoyable brew.

8.0% ABV

Russian River Brewing Company

STS Pils // Pilsner

KELLER PILS STS Pils is a classic European style Pilsner. It is straw in color and often times will have a slight haze due to the fact that it is unfiltered. STS Pils is a hop forward pilsner with a mild malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish.

5.3% ABV




Dunnigan Hills Rose

11.5% ABV

Ficklewood Ciderworks




7.9% ABV

Oak Farm Winery

Red Blend


14.5% ABV

Land of Saints


Sauvignon Blanc


12.3% ABV



The Classic Double Smashburger!


Two 3oz Beef Patties, American Cheese, Grilled Onions, & Burger Sauce on a Potato Bun.

House Chicken Club!


Grilled chicken, bacon, cilantro sauce, swiss cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, & avocado spread on a challah bun!

The California Burger


Single 1/4 lb Beef Patty, American Cheese, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Raw Onions & Burger Sauce on a Challah Bun.

Add Crushed Avocado $2

Add House Bacon $1

Cranberry Chicken Sandwich


Grilled chicken, swiss cheese, mixed field greens, cranberry cream cheese spread, & cranberry sauce on a demi baguette.  

Fried Chicken Sandwich


Beer battered fried chicken breast, coleslaw, pickles, & spicy aioli on a challah bun. 


Eat More Plants! (Vegan Burger)


Single 1/4 lb Vegan Patty, Crispy French Onions, Rainbow Greens, Avocado Mash, Lemon Infused Veganase with a Balsamic Reduction on a Vegan Bun

Make it a Double!! // $12

Pesto Pasta Salad!

Full $10 // Half $5

Orecchiette pasta, pesto, cherry tomatoe, kalamata olives, & parmesan cheese.

Add Chicken $4


Mediterranean Salad!


Fresh Butter Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives, Red Onion, Tomato, & Cucumber.

Add Chicken $4

Add Calabrian Chilis $2


Banana Bread Pudding!


Brioche, bananas, walnuts, vanilla cream sauce, cinnamon whipped cream, topped with cinnamon toast crunch.


Pumpkin Pie Mousse


Pumpkin mousse, graham cracker, & fresh whipped cream.






Cheeky Style Fries or Tots!


Your choice of house made fries or tots, american cheese, grilled onions, bacon bits, Burger Sauce. 



German Soft Pretzel


Large german pretzel with stone ground mustard & house-made beer cheese. 

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