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  • Limetastic!
    Hard Seltzer w/ Lime
    5.0% ABV - $12 / 4 Pack
  • Lavender Lemonade
    Hard Seltzer w/ Lavender & Lemon
    5.0% ABV - $12 / 4 Pack
  • Rough Translation
    Cheeky-Style Kölsch
    4.6% ABV - $14 / 4 Pack
  • Talkin' To Electricity
    A Polyphonic Pale Ale
    5.5% ABV - $15 / 4 Pack
  • Training Bines
    Pinthouse-Syle IPA Mega Collab w/ Pinthouse & Friends w/Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Motueka
    7.0% ABV - $17 / 4 Pack
  • Spinning the Elaborate Yarn
    West Coast IPA w/ Strata & Amarillo
    7.0% ABV - $16 / 4 Pack
  • The Moment When Our Unrelenting Minds Calm and Leisure Takes Its Rightful Grasp
    Collab w/ @theredoesnotexist West Coast Double IPA w/ Mosaic, Strata, & Amarillo
    8.6% ABV - $19 / 4 Pack
  • Unassuming From the Outside
    Hazy IPA W/ Citra
    7.1% ABV - $18 / 4 Pack
  • Playing It Loud
    DDH HAZY DIPA W/ Citra, Mosiac, Motueka & Strata
    8.6% ABV - $22 / 4 Pack
  • Just Two Things... Citra & El Dorado
    DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra & El Dorado
    8.7% ABV - $22 / 4 Pack
  • Your Curse Is My Blessing
    DDH HAZY DIPA W/ Citra, El Dorado & Talus
    8.8% ABV - $22 / 4 Pack
  • Illusion of Choice
    DDH HAZY TIPA W/ Citra & Galaxy
    10.0% ABV - $24 / 4 Pack




Hard Seltzer w/ Lime

Our Lime Seltzer is dry, bubbly and hits with a kiss of real lime. This thing is naturally gluten-free and has just a dab of cane sugar added to it after fermentation. Enjoy as is, or pour over ice. It’s pretty fun with a shot of Mezcal or Gin, made as a Michelada, or maybe even a slice of jalapeño for some heat. With it being the limey blank canvas that it is, you can drink it however you want.

5.0% ABV

Lavender Lemonade

Hard Seltzer w/ Lavender & Lemon

Lavender Lemonade // Sparkling Hard Seltzer We’ve got some Hard Lemonade for sale, ! And look at that color! That beautiful, natural color comes from the use of lots of lavender that Mitch spent like a million years making, with the biggest batch of lavender tea that I’ve ever seen! He then blended it in at perfection-like levels with our lemonade-style seltzer. Mitch has spent the last 8 months working on this little project, (not like all the time, but here and there) and we’re pretty pumped on the results! It drinks pretty balanced, with the acidity and sweetness hitting at just the right level, and then a soft tannic hit of dryness from the lavender. Enjoy straight out of the can, or pour over ice. Also legit with a dram of Old Tom Gin.

5.0% ABV

Rough Translation

Cheeky-Style Kölsch

Our version of Kölsch uses German grown barley and hops, and a super clean German lager yeast to make this absolute crusher. To finish it off, we did the unthinkable, and filtered this thing to excellent brightness and smoothness. Funny enough, it was the first beer that we had ever filtered at Green Cheek, and now it's the first beer to get the sixer treatment, with this batch coming in 12oz x 6packs! The result? Brilliantly clear, with a solid head of white foam to match. Lighter in body than our Helles, with a very clean and firm bitterness. The finish is drying and crisp, with drinkability maxed out to new heights. Very proud of this one.

4.6% ABV

Talkin' To Electricity

A Polyphonic Pale Ale

Our Cheeky brewers at our Costa Mesa spot, Pete and Ian, dreamed this one up all on their own, during a solid hang sesh in the Rave Cave™️. Fermented with a ripe lot of Mosaic Cryo, and then hit at the end of ferment with lots of Simcoe and a dab of Chinook, they really did this one right. The nose is all candied tangerines & douglas fir sprouts, with a delicate mid-palate bitterness that leads to bright flavors of Nonna’s Limoncello and finishes with the crispness of 808 hi-hats.

5.5% ABV

Training Bines

Pinthouse-Syle IPA Mega Collab w/ Pinthouse & Friends w/Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe & Motueka

A fun project from with some of our bestest pals @pinthousebrewing , @alvaradostreetbrewery , @cellarmakerbrewing , @cloudburstbrew and @highlandparkbrewery , where we take turns teaching each other how to make some of our most well known beers. The texts, emails and calls that go into these beers is a labor of love and such a fun learning lesson. Pinthouse describes their beer best: "This IPA forgoes traditional bitterness in favor of a rounded juicy finish and a complex olfaction profile of fruit, citrus, pine and floral notes from the Simcoe and Mosaic Lupulin powder, and Citra hops. An incredibly drinkable, dank, and beautifully nuanced example of what can be done when you focus on the quality of the hop." - Joe Mohrfeld.

7.0% ABV

Spinning the Elaborate Yarn

West Coast IPA w/ Strata & Amarillo

We spent some time spinning the elaborate yarn, over our approach to West Coast IPA, and made some changes to how we usually hit it. The result is a bit more resinous, perceivably hoppier, with a fresh hoppy expression of honeydew, strawberry, and some fun herbaceous forest vibes that linger in the finish.

7.0% ABV

Perpetual Noodle'n

West Coast IPA w/ Citra Strata & More!

You know your pals over here at GC can't stop noodle'n about all the different ways to hit an IPA. Can't stop. Won't stop. This one is richer and fuller than some of our other West Coasts, with a pleasant dab of hoppy resin in the linger. Flavor profile? Think blueberry muffins, spruce tips and fresh cut strawberries.

7.2% ABV

The Moment When Our Unrelenting Minds Calm and Leisure Takes Its Rightful Grasp

Collab w/ @theredoesnotexist West Coast Double IPA w/ Mosaic, Strata, & Amarillo

Our pal Max from There Does Not Exist paid us a visit in March, and we brewed up a version of his Psychic Advisor on our kit, but using a different mix of hop varietals. The palate is super clean, brightly resinous, and just bitter enough to invoke more drinking. Flavor profile? Think ruby red grapefruit, orange marmalade, and the devil’s lettuce. BTW, let’s all give a big CONGRATS to Max, cause he became a Dad this week!!!

8.6% ABV

Unassuming From the Outside

Hazy IPA W/ Citra

Hazy IPA w/ Citra, 7.1 abv The secrets of this mysterious liquid will be unlocked with each sip and sniff as it rips through your palate with tropical layers of Hawaiian Punch, Dried Pineapple and Starfruit. Full, round and almost creamy.

7.1% ABV

Playing It Loud

DDH HAZY DIPA W/ Citra, Mosiac, Motueka & Strata

Ya may find yourself standing on top of a car, playing it loud to the one you love. Celebrate your success of winning them over with some cans of this hazy wonder. Hits with hoppy layer of Pixi sticks, orange macarons, and pineapple upside down cake.

8.6% ABV

Just Two Things... Citra & El Dorado

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra & El Dorado

Part of our little series of beers highlighting how the combination of two hop varieties can create something special together. We wanted to showcase our special lot of El Dorado from our friends at @cls_famrs, and couple it with our hand selected Citra from @colemanagriculture for a rad little pairing of greatness. Tasting notes? The result is super punchy, with layers of zesty lemon, Kerns Apricot, and pineapple rings.

8.7% ABV

Your Curse Is My Blessing

DDH HAZY DIPA W/ Citra, El Dorado & Talus

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra, El Dorado, Talus Our hand selected Citra from one of our favoritist farms, Coleman Agriculture, leads the way here with that mango smoothie. Second up is the best El Dorado we’ve been lucky enough to use, from CLS Farms, helping layer in some fruit loops. Lastly we’ve got Talus, which is just a sprinkle, and brings us some wonderful fresh tangerine vibes.

8.8% ABV

Illusion of Choice

DDH HAZY TIPA W/ Citra & Galaxy

This full-bodied juice king is built with a base of Pilsner malt, unmalted wheat ,and rolled oats then double dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy. Tasting notes? Fresh squeezed Oro Blanco grapefruit juice, white gummy bears, and super ripe mango.

10.0% ABV

Come Stride With Me

Ruby Brown Ale // Brewed To Support Cystic Fibrosis Research

We've made this beer for our dear friend Lucy, who lives with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Our hope is to raise awareness and some funds to hopefully find a cure for this rare condition. Starting today, we';; be selling this on draft at both spots, where $1 of every pint of this beer sold will go to the @cf_foundation via the @cff_oc Our Ruby Brown Ale is kinda like a cross between an Irish Red Ale and English Brown Ale, where it leans heavier on caramel malt depth, and then goes lighter on the mix of nutty and roasty yumminess that finishes crisp and dry. Medium in body, pint worthy and super fun to drink. So much so, you should have two...you know, for charity!

4.8% ABV

The Taste of the Unknown

Foeder-Aged Farmhouse Ale

Our love for low acid mixed culture beer is something that we're proud to showcase in our little beer program. We continue to learn that patience is a key ingredient in these beers, as just the keg conditioning process took 7 months to complete. Brewed with raw wheat, pilsner malt, some noble hops, and then fermented in our French Oak Foeder in early 2021 at our spot in Orange. The result is super soft on the palate, with the bitterness and acidity both restrained, and the stone fruit and funk being at a wonderfully complex level. Tasting notes? Things like orange flower water, nectarine flesh, Wheaties, and Pinkberry original.

5.8% ABV

Proper Gubbins

English-Style Barleywine

A blend of 2 batches. One brewed in Nov 2020 and the other brewed in January 2021, this was aged in stainless until December 2021, and then canned a couple weeks back. A beer that celebrates some of the good qualities that age and slow oxidation can play on a beer of this strength. The color is like rich mahogany. The body is thick, with a good, well rounded bitterness to match. The flavor profile is all mission figs, fruit cake, and rum & cola

11.2% ABV


For Those Who Know

??Our draft only, house-made michelada. Not available for fills.

4.5% ABV


North Park Beer Company

Tikicito // Tiki Inspired Kettle Sour

We're big fans of Tiki Cocktails, so we thought, "why not make our next Imperial Berliner a Painkiller cocktail inspired beverage?!" So, we built this tasty drink with our "-Cito" Imperial Berliner platform and then dosed it with over 800lbs of pineapple and orange purees, plus buckets of coconut chips and coconut cream, silky milk sugar, and last but not least a confident dash of nutmeg. It's tart, tropical, and totally tasty! ***contains lactose!***

8.5% ABV

North Park Beer Company

Burlingame // Czech-Style Dark Lager

Rich, dark, and malty, Burlingame is our Czech-style Black Lager that offers flavors of toasted bread, bittersweet chocolate, and a prominent roasted note. We named it after the Burlingame historic district in North Park, which is known for its variety of characterful homes built in many popular architectural styles from the early 1900s. We think our Burlingame beer is also quite characterful in that it has many flavors in common with stouts and porters, but with the clean and refined finish you would find in an exceptionally well-crafted lager.

5.6% ABV

Russian River Brewing Company

STS Pils // Pilsner

STS Pils is a classic European style Pilsner. It is straw in color and often times will have a slight haze due to the fact that it is unfiltered. STS Pils is a hop forward pilsner with a mild malt foundation, strong lager yeast characteristic, and a dry, bitter finish.

5.3% ABV

Russian River Brewing Company

Pliny the Elder // IPA

A true leader in the hop-wars of the west coast, Pliny the Elder hits you over the head with hoppy bitterness and manages to smooth the rough edges out enough to become an enjoyable brew.

8.0% ABV


Stolpman Vineyards

Love you Bunches // Red Wine


Love you Bunches // Red Wine

12.0% ABV

Ficklewood Ciderworks

Original Apple

Original Apple



7.9% ABV

Hobo Wine Co.

Workbook Rose

11.2% ABV

Oak Farm

Sauv Blanc

13.0% ABV



The Classic Double Smashburger!


Two 3oz Beef Patties, American Cheese, Grilled Onions, & Burger Sauce on a Potato Bun.

House Chicken Club!


Grilled chicken, bacon, cilantro sauce, swiss cheese, butter lettuce, tomato, & avocado spread on a challah bun!

The California Burger


Single 1/4 lb Beef Patty, American Cheese, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Raw Onions & Burger Sauce on a Challah Bun.

Add Crushed Avocado $2

Add House Bacon $1

Pesto Chicken Sandwich


Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, leafy greens, pesto, and balsamic glaze on a demi baquette.

Fried Chicken Sandwich


Beer battered fried chicken breast, coleslaw, pickles, & spicy aioli on a challah bun. 


Eat More Plants! (Vegan Burger)


Single 1/4 lb Vegan Patty, Crispy French Onions, Rainbow Greens, Avocado Mash, Lemon Infused Veganase with a Balsamic Reduction on a Vegan Bun

Make it a Double!! // $12

Pesto Pasta Salad!

Full $10 // Half $5

Orecchiette pasta, pesto, cherry tomatoe, kalamata olives, & parmesan cheese.

Add Chicken $4


Mediterranean Salad!


Fresh Butter Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives, Red Onion, Tomato, & Cucumber.

Add Chicken $4

Add Calabrian Chilis $2


Banana Bread Pudding!


Brioche, bananas, walnuts, vanilla cream sauce, cinnamon whipped cream, topped with cinnamon toast crunch.


Circus Cookie Cheesecake


Circus cookie crust cheesecake with fresh whipped cream.




Cheeky Style Fries or Tots!


Your choice of house made fries or tots, american cheese, grilled onions, bacon bits, Burger Sauce. 



German Soft Pretzel


Large german pretzel with stone ground mustard & house-made beer cheese. 

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