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4-Packs and 6-Packs

  • Let's Prost
    A Kölschier Kölsch
    5.1% ABV - $14 / 6pk
  • Bier
    Helles-Style Lager
    5.2% ABV - $14 / 4pk
  • Oh Yeah, No...Totally!
    An Almost Authentic German-Syle Pilsner
    5.2% ABV - $14 / 4pk
  • Australian For Pale
    Hoppy Pale Ale w/ Motueka, Galaxy & Nelson
    5.8% ABV - $15 / 4pk
  • Ain't Getting Any Deader
    West Coast IPA w/ Mosaic and Strata
    7.2% ABV - $16 / 4pk
  • A Wonderful Digression
    A Black IPA w/ Mosaic, Ekuanot & Chinook
    7.0% ABV - $16 / 4pk
  • On A Wire
    Hazy Pale w/ Galaxy, Moutere & Talus
    4.8% ABV - $16 / 4pk
  • Wherever You Go
    DDH Hazy IPA w/ Motueka & Citra
    7.0% ABV - $20 / 4pk
  • DDH The Other Brian
    DDH Hazy DIPA w/ 100% Citra Hops
    8.5% ABV - $22 / 4pk
  • Cutesy Wootsy
    DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra, Nelson & Amarillo
    8.7% ABV - $22 / 4pk
  • Uncle Dave's Fave
    English Bitter On Nitro Brewed w/ Our Bud Dave Naylor
    4.4% ABV - $14 / 4pk
  • Looks the Part
    English-Style Brown Ale
    5.5% ABV - $14 / 4pk
  • Coco Mesa
    Nitro Coconut Rye Stout
    6.6% ABV - $18 / 4pk
  • Guava In Berlin
    Berliner-style Weisse w/ Guava
    3.5% ABV - $18 / 4pk


Lavender Lemonade

Hard Seltzer w/ Lavender & Lemonade

Sparkling Hard Seltzer w/ Lavender & Lemon // We’ve got some Hard Lemonade for sale! And look at that color! That beautiful, natural color comes from the use of an insane amount of lavender pods that we use to brew a ginormous, fresh batch of lavender tea, that then gets blended with our lemonade-style seltzer. It drinks pretty balanced, with the acidity and sweetness hitting at just the right level, and then a soft tannic hit of dryness from the lavender. Enjoy straight out of the can, or pour over ice. Also legit with a dram of Old Tom Gin.

5.0% ABV

Let's Prost

A Kölschier Kölsch

A Kölschier Kölsch // We’ve been pretending to make Kölsch style beers for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that my wife and I took a train to Cologne and got to experience those 0.2L rippers one glass at a time. Words and style guidelines fail to articulate the crispness and crushability factor that make these beers so different than others. So, here’s us going back to the drawing board on how we make these beers. A reversed engineered version of what I feel like I experienced in Cologne, aka a Kölschier Kölsch :)

5.1% ABV


Helles-Style Lager

Helles-Style Lager // Using all German ingredients, except for the water, each batch is another baby step towards recreating what we’ve experienced in Munich. Straw in color, with a subtly and nuance that is hard to describe and instead needs to be experienced! Notes of fresh baked bread, herbal tea, and puffed rice, create a beer style that is praised for it’s liter-worthy drinkability.

5.2% ABV

Oh Yeah, No...Totally!

An Almost Authentic German-Syle Pilsner

An Almost Authentic German-Style Pils // Brewed and filtered by our very own German brewer, Mr Ryan Barry, we did our usual thing, and used all German-grown malt and hops for the ultimate ALMOST AUTHENTIC-NESS! The bitterness is full and hits every little crevice of your palate, but remains snappy and doesn't overwhelm. German grown Saphir hops take center stage, and show off a pleasant herbal quality that lingers into the finish.

5.2% ABV

From the Keller

Barrel Lagered Keller-style Helles

Barrel Lagered Keller-style Helles // We took our Helles-style lager straight from the lagering tank, put it in brand new American Oak barrels, and cold stored it on our walk in cooler. The toasted wood from the barrel adds a bunch of vanilla character to the beer, and gives all the cream soda vibes that make this beer such a treat to drink.

5.2% ABV

Australian For Pale

Hoppy Pale Ale w/ Motueka, Galaxy & Nelson

Hoppy Pale Ale w/ Motueka, Galaxy & Nelson // This super hoppy pale ale gets hit in the boil and the dry hop with some of our favorite Southern Hemisphere hops; Galaxy, Motueka & Nelson. The malt flavor is almost non-existent with the flavor profile only showcasing these hoppy beauties. The lime flavor pops the most, with peach rings and mango trailing behind. 2019 Gold Medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in the Australian-style Pale Ale category.

5.8% ABV

Ain't Getting Any Deader

West Coast IPA w/ Mosaic and Strata

California IPA w/ Mosaic & Strata // Light in color, highly attenuated, clear, lightly resinous, firmly bitter, with a snappiness to it that maintains ultimate crushability! The nose is all fruit; strawberry jam, blueberry waffles and fresh nectarines. This batch is about as good as it gets for us!

7.2% ABV

A Permanent Case of Senioritis

West Coast DIPA w/ Mosaic, Moutere & HBC 586

West Coast Double IPA w/ Mosaic & Moutere // Saturated with lupulin love from sniff to sip, this rad hop combo pairs beautifully together in this contemporary west coast gem. Dry and snappy, with hoppy layers that smell/taste like blueberry muffins, orange sherbet and fresh kiwi, with just a lil kiss of the devil’s lettuce underneath it all.

8.5% ABV

Don't Pet the Tiger

California TIPA w/ Citra & Mosaic

California TIPA w/ Mosaic & Citra // Woah! Slow down there friendo! This tough tiger has a bit of a bite! Now… we’re not saying that you can’t say hello. Just be sure to take it slow & make no sudden movements. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya! It’s the Super Imperial version of Pet The Tiger, with Citra & Mosaic taking center stage, in this clear and bitter, humungous IPA. Full-bodied, with plenty of clean bitterness, some sticky hop resin, and a flavor/aroma explosion of; cotton candy, orange marmalade, and cannabis gummies.

10.3% ABV

A Wonderful Digression

A Black IPA w/ Mosaic, Ekuanot & Chinook

A Black IPA w/ Mosaic, Ekuanot, & Chinook // On the nose we've got Mosaic leading the pack with a case of freshly baked blueberry muffins. The Chinook Cryo and Ekuanot fill it out with citrus and fresh pine. On the palate, there's a mid palate bitterness reminiscent of dark chocolate covered oranges that lingers into the resinous finish…but, I digress.

7.0% ABV

On A Wire

Hazy Pale w/ Galaxy, Moutere & Talus

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Galaxy, Moutere, & Talus, 4.8% abv // Woah! Look at these cheeky’s! They’re just hanging out on a wire! This is one of the palest beers we make, and is all about the yummy tropical hits from the use of hops from Australia, New Zealand and our own backyard (Washington). Tasting notes? Think about white gummy bears, young guava, and opening a fresh can of tennis balls.

4.8% ABV

Wherever You Go

DDH Hazy IPA w/ Motueka & Citra

DDH Hazy IPA W/ Motueka & Citra // Made with a mountain of old fashioned oats, we keep this thing as light in color as we can before its double dry hopped. Milky-yellowy-white, smooth and creamy, with hoppy layers of strawberry smoothie, basil flowers, and pear. Finishes with those white frosting vibes that we can't get enough of.

7.0% ABV

DDH The Other Brian

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ 100% Citra Hops

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ 100% Citra // Our favorite hazy double returns and gets double dry hopped with lots of Citra! The hops take center stage and hit with flavors of ripe mango, fresh squeezed orange juice, and pineapple candy too.

8.5% ABV

Cutesy Wootsy

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra, Nelson & Amarillo

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Citra, Nelson, & Amarillo // This little cutie pie features our signature pale base of raw wheat, old fashioned oats, and Pilsner Malt, our flavorful house yeast, and then a crazy level of dry hopping that turns this beer into something truly special. Flavor notes? Think Maui Wowee, orange sherbet, cake frosting, and fresh peach skins.

8.7% ABV

Meet Us Where We Are

DDH Hazy Double IPA w/ Strata & Citra

DDH Hazy Double IPA w/ Strata & Citra // Working with that pale color base, all that raw wheat, and folding in those old fashioned oats, we brought in some lovely hops to compliment that cake frosting like vibe, with a lil kiss of one other hop. Flavor notes? Think strawberry smoothies, hard mango candy, and guava strudel.

8.9% ABV

Don't Wake Me Up

DDH Hazy TIPA w/ Citra, Mosaic & Strata

DDH Hazy Triple IPA w/ Citra, Strata & Mosaic // Double dry hopped with Citra and then hit with equal parts Mosaic and Strata. Raw wheat and old fashioned oats help create the base, but it’s really all about the hops for this one. Milky yellow in color, with flavorful hoppy layers of passionfruit, guava, and kumquat.

10.2% ABV

Paul's Midnight Infomercial For Those Looking For Peace of Mind

Dark Mild On Nitro

Dark Mild on Nitro, collab w/ @cloudwaterbrew // "Do you find yourself yearning for peace of mind while sitting in the pub with your favorite pals? Are you tired of pondering a plethora of pales? Well, you've come to the right place. Hello, I'm Paul and I'd like to introduce you to Dark Mild. It's a session beer from across the pond, that’s not meant to be fussed over, but intended to slowly ease conversation in the pub. It's low strength will keep your wits about you and that smooth taste will whisper "Yeah...go on, Pal. Have another one". When you want a moment of peace in the pub, have a pint of the proper stuff. Have a pint of dark mild." - Paul

3.5% ABV

Uncle Dave's Fave

English Bitter On Nitro Brewed w/ Our Bud Dave Naylor

Uncle Dave’s Fave // An English Bitter on Nitro brewed w/ our bud Dave // One of our favorite regulars, Dave Naylor, is an avid Homebrewer that brings in some of our favorite homebrews to share with all of us. He tends to make a lot of English-style beers that are great on cask, so we worked together on this English Classic that uses all the lovely @simpsonsmalt Maris Otter and Crystal Malts, along with whole leaf Strata from our pals at @indiehops . Dave says…. "What an awesome opportunity for me, after a recent trip to Wales ??????? where I grew up! Well here it is: “Dave’s Fave” Best Bitter! The National drink of England & Wales ???????! A malt-forward, balanced and flavorful, yet refreshing session beer. Goes well with fish and chips, meat pies, and gloomy wet weather! Have 2 or 3 or more, cause it’s “ a bloody good pint “ - Dave Naylor. aka @ladave66

4.4% ABV

Looks the Part

English-Style Brown Ale

English-Style Brown Ale // Our new brown ale is nothing new, as it's a style that's been around for ages, but we get really excited about the classics too! The focus of this beer is all in the blend of toasted and caramelized malted barleys from our pals across the pond @simpsonsmalt . Lightly hopped, just enough to create balance, and smooooooth. Flavor notes? Think caramel sauce, toasty bread, and malty tea.

5.5% ABV

Coco Mesa

Nitro Coconut Rye Stout

Nitro Coconut Rye Stout, 6.6% abv // Paying homage to the previous owners of our spot in Costa Mesa, we're bringing back one of their flagship brews, with our own small twist of steeping this one with a huge 12 pound per bbl addition of real toasted coconut! Full-bodied, a tad sweet, and giving some AlmondJoy-like vibes from the use of chocolatey malted barley and all that coconut.

6.6% ABV

Guava In Berlin

Berliner-style Weisse w/ Guava

Berliner-style Weisse w/ Guava // Get all those vacationy vibes locked in with the return of this pink wonder. It's our beloved Berliner-style Weisse with an insane amount of guava added to it during fermentation. This one's tart, dry and tropical, with huge Guava aromatics and flavor.

3.5% ABV



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